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A while back I was watching an episode of #AskGaryVee Show and one question stuck with me. Paraphrasing here: how does one get into wine, or some variation of that. And I thought to myself, well you go out and buy yourself a few bottles of wine and go from there. But I neglected to take into account how daunting a task it is, to go into a store, buying wine for the first time, not having a clue what to look out for. You obviously go for the one that’s not too expensive, has a pretty label, and you know you heard the name chardonnay somewhere, so it must be good. As it turns out, that wine, to you at least, tastes like battery acid and you lose all your faith and interest for wine. You pour the bottle down the sink and gift the other one you bought to that one uncle you don’t like very much for Christmas. End of story. Another one bites the dust and you stick to beer from there on out. Well, fuck.

A bottle of refosk from Slovenia, which my wife and I brought back from our last trip to my homeland.

I was rather lucky as far as wine is concerned, because I grew up in a country, which ranks #5 wine consuming per capita in the world, Slovenia. So my first encounters with wine came around at quite a young age. But to be fair, I didn’t really learn to appreciate wine until I was around 20 years old. In Slovenia legal drinking age is 18. Once I found a taste for wine, I knew approximately what to look for, whenever I was buying wine I didn’t know. I liked sweet wine. The sweeter, the better. It was easy to drink and it tasted like juice, almost. As I grew up and my palette grew up with me (although even today it is not particularly complex) I started to prefer dry and heavy wines. In between I have tried quite a few other kinds of wine as well. But mostly all of these had one thing in common, they were relatively young wines and generally came from one of two regions. Slovenia or Germany. So, I am hereby announcing :


And here is where I decided to start my own challenge for 2017. I’m calling it “Weekly Wine”. The goal is, to try a different bottle of wine every week for the entire year. Ranging as many regions as possible, covering also as many sorts of wine as possible. By doing so I want to build some solid groundwork for my future wine explorations. I will be posting my “tasting notes” here on my blog, if I can call them that at all, because I have no idea how to describe how wine tastes, to be honest. I always went by feeling. If it tasted good I drank it again, if it didn’t, I didn’t. I will also be posting pictures of the wines I will be tasting on my Instagram account. If you’d like to feel free to follow me. I’m also open to suggestions from anyone as to which wine I should put on my list to try this year.

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