Update: Vacation, wine and work

Oh my. It really pains me that I haven’t updated this blog since April. The “I was busy” excuse is a bad one at best. Shortly after I posted my medley of weekly wines I left for the Black Forest with Sabrina for a short vacation and after we returned the work schedule was very exhausting and writing blog posts was the last thing on my mind. The theme for this blog is vacation, wine and work.

Hotel Schliffkopf

The hotel from the outside at first seemed slightly unspectacular. Not at all what we expected from this price range. But inside it was a different story entirely.

We wanted to get away form our busy daily schedules in the corporate world and enjoy some hiking, relax in the sauna and treat ourselves with good food and plenty of wine.

And so it was. The food was amazing. And the wines were great as well! We were prepared when the weather forecast said we’re gonna have snow on that weekend. We thought meh, maybe a centimeter or two max. Imagine our surprise when we woke up to this view.

For comparison here are two pictures from the forest the day we arrived and made our first hike. And one the day after.

Of course it wouldn’t be vacation without wine and some fantastic food.

Yes, we took the wines up to our room and enjoyed them in peace and quiet.

Upon our return home we stuck to the wines we were already familiar with, so for this reason I don’t have that many weekly wines to report on at the moment. But we will get there. 🙂

In the next blog posts I will show you our garden. There will be a ton of tomatoes this year!

Thanks for stopping by! Until the next one.


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