2017: Year of Wine

Last year I have given myself a challenge, if you can call it that, to try a different wine every week for the whole year. The main goal was to spread my wine palette and learn new wines along the way. While I attempted to write about one wine in particular every week, starting what I called Weekly Wine posts. I did manage to pen a handful of posts and explaining my impressions of the wines I tried, but after a while life got in the way and honestly, I became lazy when it came to writing anything down.

Nevertheless I did continue the tasting part of my challenge and by the end of the year Sabrina an I have tasted, and for the most part also enjoyed, a total of 68 wines all of which I can name. I am sure along the way we had some wine somewhere that we couldn’t really identify by producer and is also not on the list for that same reason.
I thought it would be interesting to share a few interesting facts with you guys.

  • 45 of the wines were red wines
  • 20 were white (3 were seccos and 1 champagne)
  • 3 were rosès all of which were seccos

  • 49 were what I would consider dry
  • 14 were dryish, not quite as dry as the majority and not really what I would call sweet
  • 5 were over that line, where they were on my sweet spectrum (4 of these were seccos)

What I can conclude from this one year of trying and tasting wines is that I absolutely love wine. And my personal preference goes towards the dark and dry.

Could I pick a favorite? Not really. I have found wines that I can easily live the rest of my life without trying again. And there are those that I intend to always keep in stock in my future wine cellar. The latter ones, should they be available at that time in the future, are mostly wines from Rolf Willy, which is certainly one of our favorite wine makers. The Syrah and Bockstark. The Merlot from a small local producer Manuel Lutz. Taló Primitivo, Montemajor Aglianico and the Monterebro Selección. And should my uncle produce enough to warrant an export of a couple of bottles, then his Refosk is going to be laying down resting along with the aforementioned giants. These were some of my favorites of 2017. And I can’t wait to try more wines this year. It looks to be a good one for wine 😉

Like this one I got for my birthday! It was maturing in a wooden barrel for 42 months before it was bottled. It surely is a special occasion kind of wine.

Cheers! Do you have a favorite wine? Let me know, @domenko on Twitter and Instagram.

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