Weekly Wine #4 – I Turned 30 Last Weekend

Fuck. I turned 30. The big 3-0. I thought I’d feel different. But the only thing different than before is the fact, that I can now attend the 30+ parties here in Germany. It’s not likely going to happen, but at least I have the option… The weekend started off with a bang. I was kind of expecting my family from Slovenia to show up unannounced, because that is nothing strange where my family is concerned.

And indeed, on Friday evening, there they were. My mom and dad, my uncle and my aunt. In our stairwell, playing music and singing a song they wrote for me in the car on their way. It was very sweet! We hugged and kissed and greeted one another, introducing my aunt and uncle to my in-laws was also in order (they live in the same building) and then it all started. To start it off Ron Barcelo rum followed by countless bottles of wine, secco, broken off only by intermezzos with Slovenia Vodka. Oh. Did I mention cake?

It’s safe to say that I didn’t manage to make any notes on any of the wines we drank. The company was obviously more important. It was an amazing weekend, even though Saturday morning was … well not that pleasant, at least for my body, which was proving that this birthday was a milestone. Much food and alcohol was consumed on that day.

The #numberone Merlot

On Sunday evening I opened what is to become the Weekly Wine #4. I have only tried it once at the winery before we bought two bottles. It is a Rolf Willy, again. But it’s special. It is a number one, which from this winery means it was aged in only the best casks of the year. Carefully picked and in limited numbers they bottle only a handful of different sorts as number ones. The price is also mirroring that exclusivity. That’s why we limit these bottles for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. And Christmas.

That being said the wine itself is quite fantastic. The first thing you notice is the bottle, which is slightly taller than the bottles we are used to. The second thing that catches the eye and ignites the imagination is the label. It’s sleek, elegant and all I thought when I saw it for the first time was, fuck that’s gonna be expensive, and it better taste good. Taste good it did!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The smell. The first inhale was woody, of course a barrique wine would smell like that. And after a few more sniffs hints of blackcurrant and smoke became more and more pronounced. The taste was nothing I was expecting after all the different wines form the nights before. It tasted rather mild and smooth at room temperature. But I was decanting it for about 45 minutes before we drank it. With a medium body and mild tannins, the word delicate comes to mind. And the taste went on forever. This vintage received a silver mundus vini award and with good reason. It is a fantastic wine!

Verdict: 5/5

I did notice one thing though. Turning 30 and all. In the last few years my taste for wine definitely changed. Massively. I noticed that with passing time the wine starts tasting better. The joy of having a good glass of wine is unparalleled, surpassed only by a good glass of wine in the company of people you most hold dear. So the wines I had this weekend will surely stay in my memory as some of the best I’ve had in my life.

I’ll leave you with that. Be well. And until the next one.

P.S. If you like wine, or you are just starting to discover wine, you should check out Vivino. The source of inspiration when it comes to wine. Also, be sure to follow my profile there as well! 😉

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