Fix your sh*t!

It’s 2016, dammit! There is absolutely no reason for you to have a shitty looking webpage/business card/presentation and don’t get me started on social media posts. No reason. None!

If you are a business, hire somebody to do it for you. It’s that simple.

Just because a 14 year old cousin, of a friend, of the CEO’s daughter once made a flyer for his neighbors garage sale for 20$, doesn’t qualify them to be the go to person when it comes to your corporate identity (yes, you should have that). That doesn’t mean they can’t become the go to person some day, but you should hire someone for a fair wage to do a professional job for your company.

Now I hear people saying: “But I don’t have a budget to hire someone to do these things!?” My answer to that is, make the budget. I’m sure you can manage to cut some costs somewhere. Buy a cheaper brand of coffee beans for instance.

But if you really don’t have any money and can’t find it anytime soon, cause you are just starting your business perhaps, there are free tools just waiting for you to use. A prime example is Canva. Canva was developed for the non-designers out there, to give them the chance to create stunning looking graphics without a designer background. You log in and start creating your desired work. Usually by picking a template of a medium you want to create, may it be a poster or a facebook cover picture. It’s as simple as drag and drop and point and click. Easy.

Fonts, layouts, illustrations, pictures (most of which you can buy for 1$ a piece, or you can use your own by just uploading them from your computer) and everything else you need is at your fingertips. When you are satisfied with your result you have a few options to export the final product. Either as a picture or a PDF. For both you have a high quality and low quality option. Which makes you set for anything. And with that you have a good looking design for little to no money and all it took was some of your time.

Anyone can do it. And with a little bit of imagination you can achieve some pretty interesting and visually compelling results.

So fix your sh*t! You have every reason to do so.

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